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by Gentle Manhands

Beach Body Bros is a VR experience that tells the heartwarming tale of one puny bro (you) achieving your workout goals thanks to the the camaraderie and support of your fellow bros.

It was such a joyful experience to work on this project with Tyler Hurd, Gentle Manhands and the Oculus Medium team. Tyler has been a great mentor to me and once gave me this excellent piece of advice - 'If you're laughing while you're animating, you're doing something right!'

These amazing characters were sculpted by Razmig Mavlian in Medium, retopologised and rigged, animated by me, then we used a physics simulation in Unity to achieve the lifelike jiggling of muscles. You can read a great blog post by Tyler about the process of using Medium assets in real-time production here. We even got to do a panel at Annecy about it!

Beach Body Bros is available now for free on Steam and the Oculus store. Go and try it - your muscles will thank you.

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